Taz 6 firware changes

I’ve installed a Bondtech dual extruder with mosquito hotends, and I need to make changes to the firmware. I’ve downloaded the hex file and the config file from lulzbot, but this is where I get confused.
I made the changes I needed to the config file, but not sure how that affects the hex file. When I upload custom firware it wants the hex file. Not sure how to proceed from here.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work how you are thinking it does. The config file does not change the hex file. I’m not even sure what the purpose of that config file is. Maybe it is just to show what options were set when the hex file was compiled from the source code.

To actually change the firmware you have to find the source code on the Lulzbot gitlab page. You would have to download all the code, find the config settings in the source code and change what you want to change, and then re-compile a new hex file.

Current firmware development at Lulzbot is done with VSCode and PlatformIO. But you should also be able to compile it with the Arduino IDE if you wanted to. There are instructions on the Marlin web site on how to get started with VSCode and PlatformIO.

@cdsmith is correct, the .config file is just documentation for the .hex file.

Thanks for your help