Taz 6 goes "pop!" and extruder temperature error

About 18 minutes into a print with temperatures set at 265c and especially when I use Nylon X, I hear a loud “Pop!” that sounds like a circuit breaker going off. The machine immediately reads, something like, ‘nozzle temperature error’ on the screen, and the nozzle temperature setting is immediately at 0 while the nozzle temperature reading slowly cools down until the nozzle gets glued to the unfinished project from hardened plastic causing the machine to stop in its tracks. I can switch off the machine and then switch it on, and start all over again from the beginning with the same result to repeat. It will do the same if I pre-heat the nozzle to 265c for around 10-15 minutes for the purpose of changing material before a new print.
Manufactured Oct 2016 with very few hours on it.

I have printed the same exact file and material on other Taz 6 machines with absolutely NO ISSUE, and those machines never do this when I leave the extruder heating at 265c for 15-30 minutes.

HELP! What could it be?

Sounds like a bad board. But I am shooting from the hip. Make sure the fan is turning and getting air in through the case?

Very seriously doubt it’s a ‘bad board’. Far-far greater chance, it’s a ‘bad operator’.

Printed all day and night yesterday with a different configuration of my print profile, having changed several settings and the temperature set at 262c. No problems…This is a likely indication that it isn’t a weak or damaged breaker or sensor. Will bump up the temperature to 267c on the new print profile in my next experiment. I’m thinking that I had originally manipulated a couple of incompatible settings that resulted in the undesired behavior. I wish I had written down those settings. I am such a newbie at this, but learning fast in the school of hard knocks.

Any tips or advice still appreciated.
Especially expertise in printing strong mechanical parts with Nylon X by MatterHackers or other Carbon or Fiberglass infused Nylon materials.

Yeah, I think you are way off the mark. I have entered in very bad data at very high temps and never had anything remotely like what you are experiencing.

PS. Roughly 1/3rd of what I print is carbon fiber or glass, various filler but mostly nylon 6. Another 1/3rd is PC. The rest is PTEG, High Temp PLA, TPU. So nothing is “low temp.” Most print with PLA settings but the speeds very.