Taz 6 jams unless very high temperature

Has anyone seen this? I have a new Taz 6 – mostly I’ve been working with the dual extruder, but I switched it back to the included single extruder for some simpler prints. The first few went fine using the default profiles, but then it started jamming unless I crank the temperature WAY up. I had been printing ABS. Just using the manual controls, I couldn’t get it to even ooze until I go up to about 280, and even then it is irregular. At 295 it started flowing more freely but then gives me the MAX TEMP error.

I switched to PLA — left it way high until I got all the ABS out and pure PLA was flowing, then let everything cool off. Starting again, at the recommended 205 - NOTHING. I see it start to flow around 220-225 but not nice “normal” flow until about 240. Now I am printing with PLA at 240 and everything seems fine. What is going on? Bad temperature sensor? Any ideas?



I had jamming issues on the Taz 6 that ended up being related to leveling and ultimately nozzle cleaning. The nozzle wasn’t cleaning completely which caused the extruder to press extra hard on the leveling washer during leveling which then caused the software to think that the bed was lower than it actually was so the first layer was extruded way to close to the bed. The part would print fine, but then the extruder would be clogged if a second print was attempted. In my case though adding extra heat didn’t help. I had to take the top of the extruder off (pinch roller, gears etc.) and manually clean the hot end. Doing cold pulls didn’t work either. I added extra cleaning code to fix my issue. Your problem however does sound like a temperature sensor problem. If you have a thermocouple or laser temperature sensor, you could measure the hot end and see what the temp is.