Taz 6 Layer Shifting Problem

Good day guys, I’m having this peculiar problem where some of my prints layers are being shifted on the Y axis and continue extruder off where it was originally meant to be printed. I’ve checked everything mechanically to see if there is anything wrong with the Y axis travel but found nothing the problem seems to be intermittent. I’m using the custom Cura software for the Lulzbot. Does anyone else have the problem?

Layer shifting is caused by one of 3 things.

  1. The belt is too loose. Tighten the belt,
  2. The belt pulley is not tight on the motor shaft. The small setscrews sometimes work loose in shipping. Check the pulley and ensure that there is at least one setscrew is on the flat spot of the motor shaft, and the secondary setscrew (if the taz 6 pulley has one) is also down and tight.
  3. The Rambo board is overheating due to a failed fan, or a heat sink chip that fell off the Y axis motor. If the other two causes are not the issue, call support before opening the control box.

Thanks for the response. The belt and the pulley is okay, found nothing lose. As for the rambo board I only see the Z axis has a heat sink on it. X and Y has nothing on it. It does not seem to have fall out or anything like that.

So I figured it out. It’s the Fr % on screen. Once you adjust it over 100% it seems to be overheating the stepper driver