Hi Everyone. I have search the forum and tried almost all the solutions that could possibly solve my problem with my taz6 printer with no luck. I could really use some help from you guys. Attached here was the video I took when I was printing. Thank you!
F0E4265F-AE15-430B-9D60-22B5A27C2039.MOV (13.4 MB)

The first things that should be checked when there is layer shifting is belt tension and that the grub screws on the toothed pulleys are tight. You should also make sure the connectors going to the x and y stepper motors are fully seated but be sure to do this with the printer turned off…messing with stepper motor wiring while a printer is turned on is a quick way to damage the stepper drivers on control boards.

EDIT: After watching the video again and paying attention to the belt I’m pretty sure your belt needs to be re-tensioned. It looked to vibrate badly so I’m guessing it jumped teeth on the pulley which caused the layer shift.