Taz Double Bearing Holder Tight Fit

Hi, I printed the double bearing holder-2.0 and when I try to insert the igus bearings it’s a really tight fit. The smooth rod is also really hard to move once it’s inserted. Is it suppose to be like that or should the bearings slide right in the holder?

It’s a tight fit. When printed vertically, the bearing holder edges should be able to flex a bit to allow the insertion of the IGUS bearings.

Alright thanks. Also if I insert the smooth rod in should the bearing holder slide down it on it’s own without having to push it or should it stay in place?

Ideally it would move down on it’s own, slowly, but being so light it may need a little coaxing. It should move with very little effort.

When we print double bearing holders for production, we test them by taking a 10mm rod that weighs 400 grams and seeing if the rod slides down through the bushings under gravity while the double bearing holder is held vertically. This means that if it takes more than ~4 Newtons of force to slide the bushings along the rod, then the double bearing holder does not pass QC, and the machine that printed it is re-calibrated before printing more parts for production.

Ideally, there will be just a tiny bit of misalignment between the bushings. When they are perfectly aligned, the little bit of clearance between the bushings and the rod will allow the double bearing holder to wiggle. With just a tiny bit of misalignment, the bushings are pre-loaded laterally for maximum position-ability of the toolhead without too much drag on the rod.