Taz 6 - Motors different height - Dampeners

I just received the Taz 6 and it’s quite nice :slight_smile: The power supply fan rarely kicks on compared to the 5.

One thing I noticed while assembling was that either these new Moon steppers are a different height from those on the T5, or the entire frame sits lower than the Taz 5 (shorter feet?) because the Y-Axis stepper literally sits right on the table that the taz sits on. There is no clearance, or maybe a few mm. On the Taz 5 there was at least 3/8" clearance and left room for the Nema Dampeners https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/nema-17-motor-vibration-damper-night-and-day/2367/1 Basically, if we want to add the dampeners to the Taz 6 we will need to lift the frame by 1/4"-3/8" or so

The Taz 6 feet are different from the 5. It may very well be lower there.

Gah, I just ordered dampeners. I hope a solution is struck by the time they arrive in the post.

Can you not raise the entire thing up half an inch off the table? Super inconvenient thought…

I just installed the dampener on my tax 5 Y axis last night (in the middle of piercets open rail upgrade). There is literally no clearance after the install. Maybe a few millimeters. I originally thought it wouldn’t clear.

Not to derail the thread. But out of curiosity, does everyone move the pulley on the stepper motor up the stepper shaft 6mm to compensate for the dampener, or does it all turn out fine? I tried to slide it up, mine appears to have some adhesive holding the pulleys to the shaft in addition to the tiny screw. I was planning to not worry about it and just reassemble it and see how it worked out. 6mm and the angle offset over more than a foot of travel seemed like not a lot to me.

I moved my pulley to the very top of the shaft. It’s just a really tight fit, but I used a flathead screwdriver to pry it up inserting it all the way to the shaft and twisting slowly. It slides up. The things so tight it probably doesn’t even need a setscrew lol.

Remind me, I’ll make you some taller taz feet corner models. Are they still adding adhesive feels in the middle of the taz? I might make a clip in foot thingy for those as well.

The 4 feet under the main taz are the same as far as I can tell (square, tapered). The 4 on the Y axis are smaller and round, though.

I’m working on making some feet too, but they’ll sit on Moon Gel pads to act as a dampener. That did help a bit on my 5 with sound levels not letting the vibrations from the frame transfer directly into whatever Taz is sitting on. Not nearly as dramatic as the dampener on the Y stepper though! But every little bit helps!