Taz 6 Vibration Damper Compatible Y motor Mount

I have created a Y stepper motor side mount for TAZ 6 that is compatible with vibration dampers and is almost identical to original one. (Parts that matter are exact same dimensions, I just didn’t give fillet to some sides). With this mod you don’t have to raise the foot of your TAZ 6. I also have installed a damper on X axis and now the loudest thing is the cooling fan. Anyone know how to silence that too? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you,

This is amazing. Do you need to adjust the pullys on the motors? I found that most of them are locktite’d are are unable to move. Can you also link the heatsets that you used?

Nope. The motor is at the same height it was before. It is just the plastic part that changes. All you have to do is install the motor damper and screw the motor back on to the new mount. No pulley adjustment required, if anything highly discouraged :slight_smile:. I just removed the heatset that was in my previous carriage but you can find new ones here: https://www.mcmaster.com/#94180a331/=170rlwr