Taz 6 Noise Damper?

Has anyone tried installing a damper onto the Taz 6 and have any recommendations?

I’m eyeing up picking up a NEMA 17 Motor Vibration Damper (https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/moons-nema-17-stepper-motor-damper) but the Lulzbot Store page says it’s only compatible with the Lulzbot Mini, though I think this is the same motor). Not sure if there’s any known issues with putting it on the 6?

From what I take on this thread on experiences with installing a damper that installing on the Y-axis is the easiest and doesn’t require additional modifications on the Mini … would that translate to the Taz 6? (And on a related note, is the Taz 6 more closely related to the Mini? Or the 5?)

That’s the one I have on my y axis motor mount, which is identical to the taz 6 mount. It works well. You don’t need them on the z axis, the axis doesn’t move enough to make much noise. If you do install them there you may need to attach taller printer so the now longer motor assembly clears the ground. The extruder itself doesn’t lend itself well to installing one there. The x axis should fit, but it probably will not reduce much noise there.

The taz is less noisy than the mini in the first place due to its construction.

Z axis is in constant use on the 6 though since it’s leveling throughout the print.

I do not think there is enough room for the dampener without raising the printer higher off the supporting surface.

That’s true. The Y axis motor only has like less than 1/8" clearance when sitting on a flat surface. I have mine raised about 1/2" using plasitc furniture cups/feet sitting on sorbathane under each of the 8 taz feet.

Thanks for the advice all! I went ahead and ordered the damper to install on the Y-axis motor for my 6. I do have some 1/4" and 1/2" thick EVA foam, so I may cut that into squares to help give it the clearance it needs. I’m hoping there’ll be some improvement with the noise; with my apartment layout there’s no getting away from having it in the living room (which means outside the bedroom). So aside from keeping overnight prints at a minimum, anything to help cut down some decibels helps.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be ordering one for the X after you get the Y on there and see (hear) the difference lol, especially since the Y will be silent now but the X won’t be and that gets annoying too. Y is def the loudest though.

Do you know if it’s possible to add it to the X for the Taz 6? The other thread for described that, for the Mini at least, there wasn’t enough clearance to put one on the X without cutting the frame or making a new mounting bracket.

Yes I have them on my X and Y. They were both easy to do. The only issue with the Y was mentioned above in that you have to raise the taz up 1/2" or so off the surface it’s sitting on or the stepper won’t clear the bottom of the frame, but the x is easy to do and no modifications needed.