Taz 6 Not levelling Y Axis

My Taz 6’s bed surface appears to be about .7mm higher in the back than the front. This enough to cause all prints to fail unless they have a small Y axis footprint. Any ideas how to calibrate/adjust this?

Thank you!

That difference is easily accounted for by the automatic bed leveling via the washers, so a .7mm difference front-to-back wouldn’t cause the error.

The cause of 90% of all errors with any sort of leveling on the Taz 6 comes down to plastic residue on the nozzle. If the nozzle visibly pushes the bed at all when leveling, the nozzle is not clean.

The residue gets mashed out of the way for better contact after the first washer is contacted, then a little better the second… then by that time the rear usually measures accurately.

So, if you can post a video of your complete leveling sequence, as well as what your Z offset is, it can help a lot in determining what the real cause is.

Having 7MM difference between the front and back frames means your frame rack a little front to back you need to press either the front or back down while lifting the other slightly, and then find and tighten the screws on the frame bracing. The frames screws are just a little too loose, and allowed the frame to rack front to back. Picking the printer up by just the front or back can do this. I saw this quite a lot when I use to refurbish/repair Lulzbot printers .But be careful the braces are just plastic.

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I was recording the leveling process, and saw it did put pressure on the back right corner as it tried to level. I had thoroughly cleaned the nozzle while at temp, so I really didn’t think a dirty nozzle was the culprit. I once again cleaned the nozzle, ran another print, and watched the leveling process closely. And once again, it deflected the bed when it got to the back right corner. I looked closely at the washer, and there was a minute piece of gray filament stuck to it at the contact point. I removed the speck, and it started printing flawlessly. Thank you so much for your pointing me in the right direction!

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