Z axis seems off on my new TAZ WORKHORSE

So I recently got this machine. I swear I’ve had nothing but issues from bed leveling to now what seems the z axis is messed up. So all my prints start of perfect. Adhesion is great and then a couple layers it seems the z doesn’t move up enough cause the nozzle to hit the print and or squish it. I’m at a loss. Anyone ran into this issue that could give me some insight.

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I am also having this issue. Earlier today I re leveled all the corners per this post: SOLVED: Taz 6 auto leveling is >0.5mm off (NOW PERFECT TO 0.01mm!)

And now I’m having the exact issue you described above. I’ve had the machine for 3 days and I’m absolutely disgusted with the lack of consistency and user friendliness. This isn’t my first rodeo 3D printing either, making this all the more frustrating. I hope someone has a fix

So luckily for me i purchased the micro tool head as well. I swapped heads and now everything is working fine… So now im trying to get ahold of Lulzbot to start a RMA for this head. This should be fun.

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