TAZ 6 or Wait for the Taz 7

I current have four working 3d Printers, my fifth one a Prusa I3 Mk3** is IMHO JUNK!!! it has been returned once already and the replacment died after 273M of filament I am trying to get a refund but I digress, I was about to get a TAZ6 and convert it to 1.75 with Titan Aero, but I have heard a rumor the TaZ 7 is coming soon.
I normally print at .2LH I do print high tolerence parts or functional parts with movement, 40% PLA 30% ABS/ASA and rest Woodfill

Q1: Should I get a tried and true tested Taz6 or wait for the Taz7

Q2: The 1.75mm with titan Aero on a Taz6 any issues with this setup?

Q3: Does the .5 have any tolerance issues with lower layers?

More Details most of my volume right now is used up on 3x3x3 mesh boxes in ASA with a live hinge I have four printers churning them out as close to 24x7 as I can. on my fifth Printer I am leaninng Taz6 or UM3 or Raise3d all are in the right price range

** It was not a kit