Question from a Prusa Owner

The Taz and the Prusa can produce essentially identical prints when they are both dialed in correctly. the Rocktopus prints are ran at .35 or .4mm layer heights. You can easily install a smaller nozzle, the only restriction is not using a non electrically conductive nozzle (so no Olsen ruby, nozzle X remains an unknown)

Larger filament is a bonus in my opinion because it allows you to deliver more plastic to the nozzle with a heat pattern that is easier to control. Especially if you mod your Taz for higher speeds, printing north of 130mm/sec is easy with the larger filament. It is more difficult with the smaller diameters because you end up with less consistent heats and more issues with filament breakage. The upside is much higher filament type availability. You can also easily mod your taz to accept 1.75mm filament if you like, or source the newer style Titan aero toolhead in the 1.75mm variant. This thread has some pictures of my modified Taz 5 that were printed on a 0.1mm nozzle for use with leather stamping (.05mm layers) That was a few upgrades back, so I could probably go smaller now if I wanted. A taz 6 is basically a Taz 5 with upgrades, though admittedly mine does have quite a few mods attached to it. A stock taz can certainly get close to that detail level with the right nozzle.

I own both a Taz6 and a Prusa MK3… I love both of them, and they both have their positives and negatives. The Taz absolutely will print with equal quality as the Prusa… it’s all a question of dialing it in and getting it set. I’m not a huge fan of the 2.85mm filament and keep saying I’m going to switch to 1.75, but I have this big backlog of filament I have to print off first! :slight_smile:

Both my printers have their stock nozzles… .5 for the Taz and .4 for the Prusa. I print a lot of wargaming terrain - ruined building and such and I often print parts for the same building on both printers to speed up the process. You can’t tell the difference in which printer did each piece other than filament color. Both printers are outstanding, and that big bed size on the Taz comes in handy at times!

If you need a larger print volume don’t get a Taz 6, it’s not nearly worth the price and the bed leveling is frankly atrocious. Hopefully the next printer is better, I know they’re capable of MUCH better, but Lulzbot charges a very hefty price for what you get, just look at the crazy high pricing for their tool heads. The Taz 6 won’t compete with the precision, quality, features, or support of Prusa. If you’ve heavily modified your Prusa then imo you’re better off getting something more DIY.

What Lulzbot has going for it is excellent open source practices, similar to Prusa, and if that’s worth the hefty price the machines are decent and very easy to modify if you’re willing to dial them in and invest in many mods. The frame is great, very stiff, but the electronics are dated and the components used are cheaper than a machine this expensive should be.

That said, I think OP is just trying to cleverly hide that they’re just spreading spam based on the links in their post.

There was originally a different author of this thread, for some reason their original question was nuked, and my reply to them ended up as the first post in the thread now, which makes it look wierd. If you were referring tithe link in my Sig which has been there for about 2 years, I put that there to try and fund some of my taz modifications. I have published 101 open source designs, about 63 of which apply to the taz including the openbuilds x y and z mods. I have others in the works, which take parts, so i figured why not see if I could get some funding for those parts from people who might want to use them. That plan failed miserably and no one contributed anything. Which is one of the reasons I’ve released fewer new designs recently. So that link is a legitimate link If you were referring to mine.

I wasn’t referring to your link. I was referring to the OP, now deleted without any amin notes indicating that, that had 2 random spam links in an otherwise normal looking post