Taz 6 physical printing stops but software thinks print is still going - "too long extrusion"

Hello fellow users!

My printer paused mid print under suspicious circumstances (See “the Story”, “The Problem”, and “Some Clues” below) and I was wondering if anyone else out there has ever encountered and/or solved this situation?

The Story:
I was printing 3x gear bearings (ABS) from thingiverse (a file I have successfully printed HUNDREDS on its own (yes, it is a totally sweet object… https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53451 )).

The Problem:
After the raft layers went down perfect, approximately 1/2 way into the 1st layer of the print, the tool head stopped moving and stopped extruding (I.E. “Froze” in place above the print).

Some Clues:
The Taz 6 LCD panel indicated “TAZ Printing…”
Cura seemed to think the print was still going (i.e. If I hit pause, the tool head moved away from its “frozen” position, and if i hit resume, the tool head moved back to its frozen position and remains frozen)
Also, the bed heater kept temp at 110C and nozzle heater kept 240C temperatures.
Cura also left the following mysterious output in the print dialog window:

< echo:Unknown command: “N3485Y126.217 E7023.56914*64”
< echo: too long extrusion prevented
< echo: too long extrusion prevented
< echo:Unknown command: “9”

A Useless (but Salient) Theory:
I suspect that if i restart the print and only try to print 1x of these gear bearings, the print will go to completion…

and yes, i printed the object again by itself and it worked perfectly…