Taz 6 print bed damage. What do I need to replace?

I started a print tonight of a small bird whistle using PetG. I went out to check on the print early on and noticed that the nozzle seems to have dug a trench into the top of the print bed. I am attaching a photo of the damage. Any ideas on what might have caused this issue? What do I need to replace for the print bed? The LulzBot TAZ Glass/PEI Print Surface only?

If the glass isn’t broken, you just need to replace the PEI sheet.

It looks like you didn’t stay around to watch the auto level routine. There was likely some plastic still in nozzle that the wipe step didn’t remove. Then when it check each corner it deflected the washer and got a bad level.

You should always watch the auto level routine to make sure none of the washers get pushed down by the nozzle.

You will need to replace the pei sheet or print around the bad areas.

Thanks. I’ll order a new sheet and be sure to watch auto leveling from now on.