Taz 6 - Scratched My Build Plate?

The Taz 6 is my first 3D printer and so far it has been a blast. I processed 8 successful prints (benchy, test geometry, a deer of all things) and have had no issues…until I lifted my last print off to find this: http://imgur.com/jaOTUdf

It seems like somehow for a portion of the print the nozzle was too low and lightly etched the build surface…it is only for this corner and the rest of the square print seemed fine. It doesn’t seem too deep, but I can feel it if I run my nail over it. I watched the print start and it seemed to level and lay down the perimeter fine…

So, as a rookie to all of this I was looking for some assistance:

A. Could this have damaged my build plate and nozzle in some way? Initial reading makes me think I have just scratched the PEI layer, but I am not sure how exactly to tell.

B. Any ideas on what could have caused this? My Taz 6 was one of the early serial numbers that needed the frame to be re-squared…I followed the directions in the service bulletin and have had no grinding or binding that I can tell…The print seemed to auto-level fine after wiping the nozzle.

Thanks for any assistance.

You just scratched the PEI layer, probably when removing a part with a metal tool of some sort. It will not affect operation, and should only minimally affect part surface at that location. If it bugs you, it is possible to replace a PEI sheet. But the rest of your printer is fine.

Thanks, that’s good to know. The part wasn’t removed with any tools, it was a small print and my finger nail popped it right off, which is why I am assuming these are marks left by the extruder…

If anyone is curious this is what I was printing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15087

The scratches seem to match the layout of the print.

Either way, I have thoroughly cleaned the nozzle and will give it another go.

edit The STL was loaded into Cura Lulzbot edition to generate the GCode.

Hi Titan

even though I “only” have a Mini, I would like to have you checking if the Z offset really fits.
On my Mini I had to slightly adjust it mine up and I have seen here in the forum some with the same.

Can you print a skirt and measure the hight of it ? That should fit to the first layer hight in your CURA settings.

All the Best

OK, did a 10 line brim and used my calipers to measure:

In Cura first line thickness is .425 mm

Brim measurements are .48mm

Hi Titan

that pretty much excludes my Idea…

All the Best