Please Help! Taz 6 firmware update done foolishly wrong

Hello Community,

My taz6 for some reason wasnt completing longer print projects. It would just seem to pause seemingly random but it wasnt paused. So after reading some advise in the forums about updating Cura…I did.
My big mistake was not saving the configuration “esteps” and “zsteps” stuff it warned me about in the red type.

I admit I should have paid more attention to what I was doing and have definitely learned not to do that again.

However, now my printer is “out of wack” in all its normal start up calibrations. It doesn’t align,probe or bed level correctly at all. It’s even trying to wipe the nozzel over the back right corner of the bed, over the z probe. Opposite of where the wiping surface is.

Please help me fix this and promise never to ignore the correct steps again.

That’s not the normal symptoms of incorrect esteps or z-offset. The esteps you’ll find on a sticker on the back of your extruder (you may need to detach the extruder to find it). The z-offset you’ll have to manually figure out in the normal fashion.

The symptoms would imply that you’ve selected firmware that doesn’t match your extruder, or perhaps your version of Cura doesn’t match your firmware.

Ok so I believe it’s a Moarstruder, and I found the sticker on the back, it says 830 on it.

I upgraded Cura from 3.2.?? to 3.6.23.
Then when I opened Cura and tried to print, a pop up claimed a new firmware update was needed so I selected lulzbot taz 6 moarstruder, then clicked “upgrade firmware” box, “checked” the “update eeprom” box, then clicked “automatically update firmware”.

It did its firmware update, I clicked finish, close and it’s been nightmarish ever since.

I think the issue is with the latest cura version. I was able to uninstall it and replace with 3.6.18. Seems like so far it’s working again.

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