New Firmware - Doesn't Fully Disable Extruder Stepper (Taz6) - Ticking

I just installed the newest Firmware on my Taz 6 last night, After which I have started to hear a ticking sound. From what I can tell the current isn’t fully being cut to the stepper motor on the extruder, and, every say 5 - 10 secs I hear a “tick” sound, like it’s just barely trying to move the stepper, but not entirely.

I know for a fact it’s the new firmware’s doing, because, I ran a print just before updating it, to no issues (and the only reason I did, is because my Mini 2 was upgraded when it was in for maintenance, so I had to).

EDIT: I Just also had the print start making a “snapping” sound, as I watched the gears on the tool head literally snapping back. Reminds me of servos, when you all of a sudden are off an invalid degree, and it snaps back into position. It was a little snapping like sound of the stepper jerking hard a very small movement.

Again, wasn’t doing this before the firmware update, everything appears find on the printer (the dupont connectors showed no signs of being loose)