Taz 6 wont move or read SD card

Hello, I bought this used taz 6
And after I installed it, I tried to calibrate the axles, but nothing moves even the bed and it won’t read SD card that came with it. Please help.

If there’s no movement whatsoever - there should be some movement as part of the startup when you hit the power switch - you might be lucky and all the wiring’s just not connected. You can follow the assembly guides at ohai.lulzbot.com to put it together.

But more likely, if you bought it without proof of working, it’s a fried control board. Replacement RAMBO boards can be had, but you can get newer, upgraded boards for far cheaper if you’re willing to do a custom firmware build.

If you want to do a build with the same components as mine (Octopus 1.1 w/2209 drivers, BLTouch bed leveling) I can give you a copy of my firmware.