Taz 6 X axis problem


I would like to ask questions about my Lulzbot is Taz 6. When I print a model which is vertical extruded, it finally printed the model with layers shifted forward. Sometimes, it made some noise like “kakakkaaaa” when the x axis is moving, Is there any problem of the x-axis? How can I fix it ?

The attached image is the model I printed, this is not the only model fail with this problem.

Thank you

The usual answer would be
#1, check X axis belt tension.
#2, move the x axis left and right several times when not printing.
#3, plug a known good stepper motor in and verify that it moves smoothly.

but, the finish on the first layer looks like hot, bubbly crap. Are you running PLA at ABS temps? The scale on the picture makes it hard to tell, but the extrusion looks like you’re trying to run a much too thick line out of a thin nozzle.

Are you using a standard Cura LE print profile for the correct material?

There’s just a LOT wrong with the print that could cause it to catch the nozzle when printing and cause layer shift by not letting the toolhead to move.