TAZ 6 X belt rubs carriage

Hey guys, the X belt on my TAZ 6 rubs the carriage when the carriage is near the x=0 position. Does anyone else have this problem ? The teeth of the belt rubs the belt clamp of the carriage.

Feel free to reach out to the support team with an image of that to double check, but at that side of the x-axis it should be fine.

I don’t know the TAZ, but it sounds like the same problem on the mini?

Thanks for the replies ! It does not look like it is the same problem as the mini but I did send an email to Lulzbot support. The tech rep responded already and said that it looks like from my pictures that the belt is rubbing but that is normal based on all the printers that he has seen. He also said that it should not cause any issues. I’m quite disappointed that I spent so much money on a printer that has flaws like this but I guess it is what it is if all their printers are like this.

i’ll check mine thanks and i here ya!