Printed parts shifting with the TAZ

I just got a new TAZ and I’ve attempted to print two different larger parts (6+ cm high) and both times the print shifts somewhere in the middle and ruins the print…very frustrating. Any help?

Can you post a picture of what’s happening? Is it only happening on one axis?

I dont have a picture right now, but somewhere in the middle of the print, it shifts in both the x and y axis and continues to print on top of the shift

Actually the shift seems to be only in the x axis. Here’s a picture, if i let it continue printing, it would have printed on top of the shift

What speeds are you using? I would recommend looking at the tension of your X-axis belt. It should be as tight as the Y-axis belt. When you press on the belt it should have a little bit of movement then springiness. With the printer off, when you move the X carriage back and forth how does the belt respond? Is there any drooping of the belt? Is it staying on track?

The x belt tension is good, it’s springy, there is no drooping and it stays on track.


perimeter: 120
infill: 160
Support: 150
travel: 200

Hi all,
Had this problem with the ao100. Seemed to be the stepper drivers that got too hot. Sloved it by adding heatsink to the drivers.

The TAZ uses the RAMBo board, so heatsinks are not used. Have you noticed this with any other files? Is everything else on the x axis tight and secure (pulley, etc)?