TAZ 6 - Y Axis Bearing Wear

In your experience, what is the expected life of the TAZ 6 Y axis bearings? I would estimate less than 1000 print hours on my TAZ 6 and the RH side of the bed lifts > 5mm. Terrible vibration when the bed moves in the Y direction. Is this common?

5mm is an abnormal amount of lift. Either something sanded that bearing out, it fell out of the container, or the bearing container itself catestrophically failed and needs to be replaced. 0.5mm after 1,000 hours I would believe. You can try adjusting the bearing cups in or out to make more contact temporarily until new bearings can arrive, but if it is gouged out that bad i would check your y rod for a serious knife shaped burr.

Thanks Piercet. New bearings are on their way.

The pillow blocks are intact and tight to the bed. The y rod on the right side moves as much as 5 mm in the bearings. Will let you know what I find when I disassemble as soon as the new bearings arrive.

Replaced the bearings and the bed is tight as new! All the bearings had wear on the top of the rail as expected (black coloration - may need to wipe down my rods more often). One bearing was very loose in the pillow block (able to spin the bearing). That may have been the problem. The new bearing in that pillow block is tight and doesn’t spin. All good. Thanks again for the advice!

You’re welcome!