TAZ anti-slip Y-belt mount

I noticed some Y shifting in my prints, so I re-tensioned my Y belt since it felt a little loose. Unfortunately it seemed like the screw was slipping and not providing as much clamping force as it should. But instead of printing the same one again, I thought I could improve it some.

I added teeth to the mount so that even if the screws come loose, it is very unlikely that the belt will slip. But this did make tensioning the belt harder, since you could no longer just loosen the screw, and pull the belt tight with pliers and then re-tighten the screws…but I think the trade-off is worth it. I ended up putting the machine on it’s side to get a good view at the belt in order to tension it.

still need to fix a few things on the design before I post it.

Very nice!

Got the STL file ?

Thanks good job .

Nice idea! This could be a helpful fix to the belt tension issues.

What did you use to cut the serrations in the block?

Any new updates and pics/files on how it has worked out?