TAZ Extruder Mount

Hello All,

Does anyone know where I can get the STL for the TAZ extruder Mount? I have the gcode file (http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/4.0/production_parts/printed_parts/TAZ_printers/extruder_mount/), but it doesnt seem to work on my Mini.

Also, has anyone heard of a printed “Extruder Washer”? I’m working on the putting together the albatross prototype (flexystruder for Mini) and it calls for these TAZ parts (https://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/project/flexystruder_assembly/)

Any help from the TAZ community would be extremely welcome!


The stl files for the printed parts on your printer should be on the SD card that came with the printer.

Hi nopick,

Thanks for the reply!

I actually bought a Mini - this pre-production albatross design calls for using a TAZ extruder mount. If you have a TAZ and have the extruder mount STL available, I would love to get a copy.

Thanks again,

Try here for the Mini production part files:

The Mini extruder mount seems to be here:

And the TAZ5 extruder mount:
Or check the parent directory.

If you need to modify, the STLs import into SketchUp for modifying.


Thank you! That last link is what I needed - much appreciated!