Flexystruder v2 mount .stl


i’ve searched everywhere in the online repository of parts but I cannot find the .stl file (or any other file) for the Flexystruder v2 mount?

I just received the Flexystruder V2 from Lulz and the only mount I could find that’s even remotely like it is not the correct one?

Any help pointing to this file would be greatly appreciated!!!



Maybe it is in here.


Did you buy the one for the Lulzbot mini instead of the one intended for the Taz? The mini one has a triangular mount point on the back. If it’s the mini one and you need the Taz mount, you’ll just want to grab the equivalent stock tool head mount for either the Taz 5 or the Taz 6, depending on which printer you own.

Sorry I meant the mount - not the body - the closest one I could find is just different than the one I have - and it’s definitely not the mini…

As an aside - I use S3d - is there anything other than the correct number of esteps that I have to change in the firmware to switch to using it and switch back?


Ok, what Taz are you trying to fit the flexystruder to? If this is a Taz 3 or a Taz 4, the mounting notch is the same, but the mount height is different than a 5 or a 6. The main difference has to do with where the extruder actually sits height wise. What isn’t working with the stock one? Can you post a picture of the one you have and the fit issue you are running into?

It’s a brand new T6 - the flexy V2 fits fine - I’m just looking for the mount file for a laser project - I found one that’s close but not exactly the same… just strange that I can’t find the exact production part that I have anywhere?


I think you will find it is using the V1 mount.


AKA - single right side fan mount or at least that is what it looks like in the picture.

I’m super late to this party, but THANK YOU for finding that STL. Saved my life.