TAZ 6 Dimensions for a Custom Enclosure?


New user here. I plan on purchasing a TAZ 6 when it becomes available and in the meantime was wondering where to find the dimensions of the unit prior to its release? I’d like to fab an enclosure and have it ready.

I scanned through the dev “Nutmeg” directory per https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/temperature-error/58/1 looking for dimensional drawings. For the uninitiated there is a lot of information there (with many file extensions that are foreign to me) but I came up empty.

Any help would be appreciated.


There aren’t any finished Taz 6’s yet to my knowledge, so dimensions could change. THat being said, from the pictures it looks around 100mm wider than a stock Taz 5. THe lenght nad height look the same if the extrusion lengths (500mm) are the same. Check the BOM in the olive devel.lulzbot.com folder, it should have the extrusion lengths. That, and the width of the side box in the part drawings folder should give you a close measurement. But it could change at any moment.

I’m actually doing the same thing to control the fumes coming off the printer.

I saw a Taz6 prototype at the open house - it looked like the same frame as the 5, but the electronics box is thicker, so I’m just adding a couple of inches to the dimensions.

Aside: I really wish Lulzbot (or someone) would sell an affordable enclosure with a duct for external venting. Building one is all about tradeoffs: polycarbonate is expensive and hard to work with, but more fireproof than MDF. Sure, I can do it or hire it done custom, but I’d rather spend my time modeling and printing than sourcing materials, sawing and gluing.

Yeah - I figured the new device was very similar to their old one. I will probably hold off building an enclosure until more knowledge is released. Doing this once right is kind of appealing.


I fully understand your situation. You’d rather just purchase the whole enclosure and be done with it. I get it. The key word you had is ‘affordable’. And, yeah, there are some nice containers around, but man are they expensive. Personally, I find it fun to construct things like you described. Putting in filters and dryer duct with a smoke-alarm is just a days work to me.

Anyhow - who knows what Lulzbot may offer.

Good luck!


Some members offer pre-made enclosure kits… at least for the TAZ. I don’t follow the thread, but its here if interested:

Obviously not for the TAZ 6, but should be easily modified…

I missed this last week while I was sick, but I believe Tim is right, you can just check the drawings and read the differences as they ‘currently’ are. But I made my enclosure large enough to fit it anyway. :astonished:

I figure I will have to make a new control box side anyway since my openings will not match the new fan venting positions.

I ended up with a hybrid solution. I modified a shelf from home depot into a 2x2 unit, bolted it to the wall, upgraded the particle board to 3/4" MDF, taped clear shower curtain around three sides (left the fourth open), moved the filament holder outside the unit, and ran an external vent fan through a hole in the upper shelf to the outside of the house. Worked great, and total parts cost was < $200.

Still need a Taz 6 to stick in there, but maybe sometime soon :slight_smile: