TAZ PRO Corner not leveling well

On my TAZ Pro, the front left corner seems to be slightly higher than the rest of the bed. Whenever I print the first layer, the printed part on the front left corner will be squished too much whereas the rest of the print will be at the proper level. This problem has occured with both the M175 and Dual Extruder tool head. I tried fixing this using spacers, but it had no effect. What can I do to fix this?

Have a look at SOLVED: Taz 6 auto leveling is >0.5mm off (NOW PERFECT TO 0.01mm!)

I tried those steps for the TAZ PRO, but it did not work. The shims seam to have no effect. I tried it on both the Octograb bed and the usual glass bed. The Octograb was slightly worse due to a small warp in the magnetic metal backing. Either way, it still is an issue. If I cant get it fixed, Ill have to send it into warranty

The auto leveling sequence (G29 V4), prints out the values measured at the four corner washers. If you provide a copy of that output, we may be able make suggestions.

The assumption made by this auto leveling is that the bed surface is flat and is equally distanced from the four corner washers. If either of these assumptions are not true, then this method doesn’t work.

You can measure the flatness of the bed surface with a straight edge and you can measure the distance between the top of each washer and the bed surface with a decent set of calipers.

If you can’t fix any issue you find, then a warranty repair may be your best option.

After a bunch of tries with different shims I have seemed to reduce the amount of squishing caused by the offset. Running the G29 V4 command I got
+.28120 +.06680
-.13800 -.21000

I did several prints with noticeable improvements to the first layer. Ill test this with the Octograb and see if there is any difference