Taz 6 Auto Level issue (HELP)

I have a Taz 6 that is about a month old. It was been operating flawlessly thus far. Now today I am having an auto leveling issue.

It will HOME properly, goes through the initial wipe procedure just fine, it levels the first two bed corners without a problem but now without any noticiable issues it fails every single time it gets to the back right corner. It will try to rewipe and then goes through the procedure again and fails at the same corner. I’ve cleaned the nozzle, I’ve replaced the wiping strip, I’ve moved the corner washers to different locations. It fails to level every time in the same corner. I’m stumped.

Now just to give additional details, I have been considering making the purchase of a flexystruder, so today I was playing around with Cura and created a new machine profile and selected Taz 6 with a flexystruder head. It went through the process and installed the firmware. I removed that machine profile and went back to my original Taz 6 profile and selected to install default firmware. Does this have anything to do with the leveling issue?

The back right corner is at full x and full y wire harness extension. That may be indicative of a loose wire, connector or short. You may want to call support. You may also want to take a look at the bottom of the bed and make sure the wire to the bed plate is tight, and check the wire to the nozzle .

Thank you for the reply Piercet.

I did check the connections of the grounding wires attached to the bed and the one connected to the heating block on the tool head. all of those seem to be tight and secure.

I’ve actually had the EXACT same issue recently. 3rd corner - back right is for some unknown reason now sitting lower than the other first 2 and as a result fails to make contact. Used to print just fine but for whatever reason the issue seems to have just recently developed… From day one I have also had random z banding which to date has been unresolved despite running through all of the fixes with support (issues can be seen in the review here as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lojprD2KvnU). I’m basically rebuilding the printer frame from scratch now assuming that it was out of square to begin with. I’ll let you know how it goes :S

I had same problem at the front spool side shortly after installing a dual head and assumed it was the print head. So went back to original single head and it did the same thing but returned to the wiper on a back spool side corner.
Turned out the Z axis rails were not entirely perpendicular to the bed and by manually adjusting the spool side about half a turn I managed to get the contact again and the auto levelling works. I think the spool side was slightly lower and this prevented electrical contact.
when the current print stops I plan to calibrate the z height each side. Does anyone have any pointers?