TAZ Pro Dual Extruder Conversion to 1.75mm?

Hi All!

Recently picked up a TAZ Pro Dual. I am wondering if there are files/plans to convert the 2.85mm dual extruder to 1.75mm dual? I have a lot of 1.75mm filament in my shop to use up. Appreciate the help!

Edit: I also tried to print 1.75mm filament in the 2.85mm extruder. I Updated Cura that I used 1.75mm filament and set an appropriate amount of retraction. During print I kept getting filament errors due to jamming. Does anyone have settings to share?

Was it really jamming or just not detecting movement of the narrower filament through the filament sensor? If it is not really jamming you could try tightening the screws on the filament sensor, the ones with springs on them, to press the idler tighter against the roller behind it, to make it grip better on the narrower filament. Or as an experiment you could just turn off the filament sensor in the advanced menu to see if that is the problem. Running 1.75 filament through a 2.85 extruder is not recommended but I’ve heard people online say they have made it work acceptably.

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I turned off the filament sensor during the run, it still stripped the filament at the extruder. I suspect I have the retraction wrong. I’ll experiment with different settings and adjust the sensor as you mention. When I get it working I’ll post the results and settings. Appreciate the response!

Have you seen this page? Tips and Tricks: Printing With 1.75mm Filament | LulzBot

I’ve used 1.75mm on my 2.85mm Mini 2 a lot, got some amazing prints from it. BUT BUT BUT it’s a world of hurt not using the supported 2.85mm filament. I’ve had sooo many filament jams, that little part with 2.85L, ( little part on the right–> DSCN3510.JPG.600x0_q85.jpg (600×450) (lulzbot.com)) we’ve spent many weekends together, taking apart the 3d printer, fishing this part out, getting out the hair drying and having to poke out the jammed filament, changing some Cura settings, and having to do this again and again.

I’m in the same boat, I have lots of 1.75mm filament now. So much I should either sell it, or keep it and get printer #2 that likes 1.75mm :slight_smile:

Hi there, well I have successfully converted my 2nd extruder to 1.75mm and it cost less than £20 all i needed to do was to replace the filament guide inside the 2nd extruder, add a little bowden tube and replace the heat break with one from amazon. It now prints like a boss and I can mix 2.85 and 1.75 in the same print (and I frequently do). Oh and I have never had a jam since the conversion.

To clarify, which dual extruder did you convert? I have a v3 (I think) for the TAZ 6 I’d like to covert. I am a bit nervous about being able to get both nozzles perfectly aligned during this process.

The pro has a very different dual extruder than the 6 can use, as it uses a lift mechanism to keep the idle nozzle away from the print. It uses a fairly common E3D Titan Aero extruder with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm components available.

To swap the dual extruder v2 or v3, you’d need a 1.75mm hexagon hot end and a more restrictive path for the filament between the gear feed tube - the right size PTFE tubing can fit fairly well. Tensioning down the idlers can push the 1.75mm well enough without modification there.