Lulzbot Taz 6 Layer Issues

I am having a bit of trouble with the Lulzbot Taz 6, and was wondering if any of you could help. The layers aren’t even and seem to “hiccup” in the middle. Easier to show than tell, so please check the picture attached. I don’t know what kind of info you will want, but here’s some basics:

PLA, 210C print temp
0.25mm profile
1.75mm filament
10% infill
cura-lulzbot is the slicer

Thanks a bunch,

Did you change your TAZ to use a 1.75mm extruder? If not, do you have this issue when using 2.85mm filament?

I ask because when I started using my TAZ, I bought some 1.75mm thinking it would work, had problems, and that’s when I learned that when you use 1.75mm filament in a print-head meant for 2.85mm filament, you get a gap between the filament and wall of the extruder. This can allow “pooling” to occur and results in uneven extrusion.

I got rid of my 1.75mm filament and never used anything but 2.85mm again.

That said… I have heard others do use 1.75mm and can get it to print. I’m not sure what adjustments they need to do to make it work.

I’ve had OK results with 1.75mm Filament, it works better than the 2.85mm in the Dual Extruder V3 (less shaving and less heat creap).

I would make sure the Cura settings are setup for 1.75mm, you might need to make sure your filament is dry enough. I get uneven extrusion like that when I use old/cheap/damp filament. Don’t give me too much credit though, I’m a relative noob. I play for a month and then get distracted and come back to 3D printing.

Thanks for the reply.

The printers are school printers, so I’m not sure. I’ll check when I’m back from break. Don’t remember if it was a problem when using 2.85mm filament unfortunately. But the suggestion makes a lot of sense.

Thanks again for your help!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check the condition of the filament as soon as I can.

I would also check: file corruption- and Netfabb it! (Netfabb online service- free but you will need an account.) , Esteps calibration (Lulzbot have the details on this website), Extrusion speed - I have mine at 97% and check the temperature of the extrusion itself- a overly hot one can make the filament stick the underside of the extruder and make messy mistakes. See how that goes-