TAZ Pro - eSteps per Extruder - How to set?

Is there a way to adjust the eSteps PER extruder on the TAZ Pro? In the control panel on the printer I only see eSteps in general which I take to mean it adjusts for both extruders at the same time? It seems I need extruder 2 to output more filament, but extruder 1 is ok. I know I could probably increase the flow rate in Cura for that extruder, but I’d rather just have it set right from the get-go. Thank you for any help. :slight_smile:

The two extruders should have the same esteps. The gearing’s going to be the same across all of them. If one of the extruders isn’t extruding the way you’d like, start by looking at the tension on that extruder thumbscrew. The captured nut should be visible and almost in the middle, give or take a bit. What filament are you using? How’s the first layer or three? Send in pictures and this information through https://LulzBot.com/Support and they’ll be able to offer detailed help.