TAZ5 Dual V3 loose nozzle

I have a TAZ5 with a Dual V3 head, and had a nasty clog on E2. Now I have a loose nozzle. See video for detail. Not sure what to do…
As with previous hex hot ends, I disassembled this one by unscrewing the nozzle. While it was out, I noticed the heat block (?) was loose. Any suggestions?

The two set screws that hold the hot end into the large heat sink are tight, and the tubular metal shaft running down into the heat block is not wobbling or rotating when the end moves. Only the end with the thermistor/nozzle is moving.


FIXED! The heat break (part up inside the heat sink) was not screwed into the heater block all the way, even though the set screws were tightened. No damage. I didn’t think I had done any damage unscrewing the nozzle, as I am very careful with it. I am still having a clog, though.

What is the best way to unclog this nozzle? I removed as much material as possible with the nozzle out, but the very end is still clogged. I’ve ramped up the temp to 290 and tried extruding to no avail. Cold pulls didn’t work. Thoughts?

Thank you in advance

Cold pulls are really hard to do with the gears and curved filament path of the dual v3 extruder body.

You can possibly do it as the nozzle cools down. Try this:

  • Heat up extruder to normal filament extrusion temp
  • Turn off extruder or set temp to 0C
  • When hotend temp cools to filaments min-temp, start retracting filament using the large gear.

This should allow a “cold pull”. The min-temp would depend on the filament type. For ABS, maybe 210-220C? Basically, the filament should be semi-solid in the nozzle and pop off. A successful cold pull would create a cone shaped filament end.

Report back if you try it!

I’ll give it a try in a few weeks… my daughter decided to show up a few days early!!