TAZ5- heat trouble Since I have CURA 2.6.69 and Firmware

Since I changed the Cura to the new version 2.6.69, 2 month ago and updated the firmware (1.1.570) the problems arrived. Bad printing, heat problem. I ordered a new PEI sheet. Because I was thinking it was the reason I had bubble on that time. Once I did, same problem. My printings were very bad and each corner of my print up and lines on top print made by the nozzle. I checked the temperature and found the bed was between 60 to 76 degree Celcius when need to be a 110 C. I looked the support site and found the modular bed. I ordered once installed, same temperature problem, I discover my nozzle was also too low in temperature around 80/100 C only.

I contacted the support. The first person to answer E. H. after my explication just told me to cover my printing and the bed will stay at the same temperature.
Since 2 years I am printing like that, no cover, I never had this problem, I did not believe at all that he told me. The other joke was to test temperature with IR gun, through glass is bad that he told me, so direct on metal, is it bad? The temperature on nozzle and modular bed without the glass is 68 to 76, instead of 110 and on nozzle 98 instead of 240. Don’t tell me it’s normal when you show on your video about the modular bed temperature test with IR gun of 106 to 110 C.

Next contact, Mr N. B., he told me to update the firmware again and don’t worry about the configuration file. But by doing that I did not get the firmware for the Taz 5 single extruder, I got firmware Wrong one and config? Same problem again.
Now second answer, it’s about fault of my slicing if I have lines on top of print and temperature not good I need to change the profile and update by myself 5 to 10 degrees more. Do you really think I will “swallow” this answer and will help when the difference is enormous and cannot be made because CURA see already 240C on screen?
And other issue after Firware update the bed and nozzle stay all the time at 58C until I shut down the printer and reboot.
On this 27 of May I tested the power supply, everything is correct, 24 volt on each line going to the printer. I tested the wired for the heat bed and the nozzle, not wired are cut. I tested the 3 fuses on the Mother Board, they are all good.
Now the firmware and your config file. My TAZ 5 need something. Because you cannot have 240 C and 110 C on the CURA control and just 68 C on bed and 108 on Nozzle. Look my photos you will see, I put my hand on the bed the time the printer was printing, I was not burnt at all. I try 3 times to print small parts today, the nozzle detached the print by itself during printing. What a nightmare!!! Look my photos they are in order and try please to help better than the last 2 times. The worst is the PLA, because by putting 60C for bed, it stay at 30C and the head go at 75C. At the end the issue is for sure in your firmware and config. You will see in my PDF file I am putting my hand on the bed when it shows 110C, no trick, my hand is on and I am not burning. Can I reset all? See my PDF attached
2018-05-27-LUZBOT ISSUE 3DMiami.pdf (743 KB)