source for z axis threaded rods

i seem to have put a slight bend in one of my z axis threaded rods for a taz 4, I’ve looked through the BOM and found that it came from misumi usa, with part number MTSBRK12-420-F7-R8-T9-Q8-S20-E5-FE0-FW7-FY1, but they won’t be able to ship 2 of them until the end of july. they were on this sites store for a bit but were out of stock and i couldn’t find them when i went and looked again. anyone have an idea on where to find them, that can ship in a reasonable time?

Why not ask Lulzbot if they will sell you one.

there were listed in the store for a bit, but were out of stock, found the listing in the archive. it’s the only one i could find for the threaded rods.

Again though, they are making the machines which means they have them even if not selling them on the website. That is why I suggested you contact them and ask if you can buy one.

That particular leadscrew set appears to be fairly rare outside of Mitsumi. There are alternate rods that would work if you feel adventureous and want to try and math out the Z steps. Otherwise Mitsumi or Lulzbot are your best bets.

i gotcha, i’ll give that a try and see what happens. they might be able to point me in the right direction too.

that sounds about like my luck. :slight_smile: as was suggested i reached out to support for some suggestions on the stock rods, but i might have to look into changing to different rods. i’m not too sure what would all be involved in figuring out the z steps though.