TAZ 5 wont print on bed

All of a sudden my TAZ 5 wont print on the bed it zeros out at the home position, then the Z moves to 400mm. After the nozzle and bed heats up it just stays at 400mm and starts to print the part when it should be a at .2 mm from the bed. These are parts that I have printed before with no problems.

Some thoughts.
Are you printing new slices using the same settings? Check to make sure the model is actually on the bed.
Have you recently flashed firmware? You may need to recalibrate your machine
Have you modified your gcode? Double check that the gcode is doing what you want it to
Is a part broken on your machine? Did the board have a part die? try checking connections and stepper motors to ensure they are behaving as expected

Thanks for the reply, I just found out after playing around I figured out that my z axis was not level with the table, so when it would go to the center of the table it would be .4mm higher

HEE! HEE! I am glad it was only 0.4 MM and not 400MM like the first post.