TAZ5 Z-Axis Setup

Hi, I bought a Lulzbot TAZ 5 used to try to learn how to 3D print. I’m confused about how to set the Z axis at the proper height. The quick start guide says to set Z to Home in Cura by clicking a button I do not see in Cura.

I turned the stop screw to set the z-stop height above the print bed. But when I send a print job the printer does not respect the stop height. It just smooshes right down onto the printing bed.

Does anyone know how to set the Z height in the new version of Cura?

The Z-axis zero-point is that height at which the micro-switch is tripped. Obviously with a properly working and adjusted machine, that occurs when the physical height of print nozzle is just “kissing” the print bed. When troubleshooting a problematic machine, you should manually trip the Z-axis micro-switch when the print head is safely above the bed. This allows you to determine whether or not the controller and software are behaving correctly without the risk of breaking something. Cura’s screen for manual control has separate X-Y-Z axis controls which include axis home buttons. Clicking the Z-axis button with the print head above the bed should result in downward travel of the head. Manually tripping the Z-axis micro-switch should terminate rotation of the Z-axis stepper motor. This is the safe way to begin sniffing out the problem.

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