Cura extruder offset?

I just downloaded Cura for Lulzbot to use with my TAZ 4 (on Mac).

Told it what printer and everything and it came loaded with the Rocktapus so I thought I would just quickly print that as a test.

The printer homed, then z axis went up as it moved to the center of the bed then the Z axis went down again but not fully home. You see I have my printer dialed in pretty good and I have been printing with ABS with very good adhesion (on PEI plastic) I have my Z axis dialed in so the parts stick well yet I can remove them with a little bit of effort but Cura did not go all the way back down and printed on what was probably the same height as layer 2 or 3.

The filament stuck down just barely and of course warped badly. I thought maybe they used a Z offset to raise it up slightly but I can’t find any setting like that.

Is it normal for it to home then move up while moving to center then move down again? It just seems odd to me and since it did not end up in the proper Z axis it won’t work this way.

Any ideas?

It will do that if you have the start.gcode configured to do that. The lulzbot provided configurations do, but if you like you can remove that move from the start.gcode.

The line in question is

 G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed} ;move the platform down 15mm

which can be removed. You might also want to remove this line:

 G1 F200 E0              ;extrude 3mm of feed stock