TAZ6 hanging and failing

I have been successfully running the TAZ6 with the firmware from about two years ago and the CURA v21. Not ONE issue…

So today I decide gee maybe I should upgrade to the latest firmware and get the latest CURA… Which I did…

Now the machine performs like crap. It stalls, pauses, HANGS and wont finish the simplest print!

Tell me why I upgraded again???

This is sickening when software is trotted out as tested and robust and its NOT. I had to abort the last print after an hour or two and the model was perfectly fine. I printed it before in fact using a different material. Then I started using ABS a few months ago and stuck with that. No problems until I “upgraded”…

More like DOWNgraded…

Does anyone anywhere have any idea why this untested software was released number one and number two HOW to get the OLD firmware back???

In Lieu of that I would like to know how to fix this issue that should have been fixed during development. TAZ6 has been wondrous… up until now.

Ok so I reprinted that print AGAIN using the OLD CURA v21…

It printed perfectly. Clearly as I mentioned before the “New and Improved” CURA aint.

Still would like to use the new CURA but the starts/stops/hanging is of course entirely unacceptable.

I saw other posts about this very problem elsewhere. Has there been ANY resolution?

When you updated to the new version of Cura did you also make sure to clear your computers cache and remove old versions of the software? If these steps aren’t taken we will see Cura stall or crash. If these steps weren’t taken I believe doing so will resolve your difficulties with the new software.
If you have already completed these steps could we get some additional information about the computer you are using and also a copy of the Cura.log to look for an explanation of the crashing? I have included the various pathways (by OS) for locating your Cura log.


/Users//Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot/3.2/cura-lulzbot.log

did you upgrade the printer firmware or the Cura software, or both?

I also have been printing with no problems using PLA until yesterday when I updated the TAZ6 firmware, but not the Cura app software. Suddenly I can’t complete a print due to filament hanging in the extruder (similar to the thread on heat creep elsewhere in the forum).

I followed the recommended procedure for the firmware update (or at least I believe I did). Is there a problem with the firmware? I’m stumped.

Thank you Galadriel
I will try the options you mention and see if this fixes it.

Ok I uninstalled CURA 21, rebooted and started CURA (New Version) and ran my simple 27 minute test print.

It hung solid after only about 5 minutes… Barely got the brim done and POW… Stopped dead… :imp:

Now I dont have the WORKING configuration any longer as I deleted it and hope the legacy version is available somewhere.

Hey Geez…
I updated both CURA and then let CURA update my firmware. I noted the e step and Zoffset values as asked by the process but they remained the same so I dont know why the process says you need to replace them. I did not. I noted the firmware brought in a couple new menu items but nothing else really. .

Sorry to hear that clearing your cache didn’t resolve your print stalling! Could you try posting the Cura log that I posted the pathways for at the bottom of my first response? Since you have had a failed print there should be at least a little bit of information in your log to go off of as to what is causing the stalling issue as long as the print was done through a USB cable. It would also be helpful to get more information about the kind of computer you are working with, the software does have some basic requirements that need to be met and if your computer isn’t able to meet those it could explain your issues with it stalling.

We do have the Legacy version of Cura available for download if you want to go back to the old version. I am including a link to where the most current stable version of Legacy Cura can be downloaded: http://download.lulzbot.com/Software/Cura/Packages/Cura_21.08/

I’m still having the same issue as the original poster in this thread. I’ve been in touch with Ty in Tech Support and have tried numerous test prints over the last few days, all with the same results: extrusion ceases at z=2.0 to 3.5mm. Prior to that, the print quality is awful; I can see the nozzle ‘snow-plowing’ through the lower layers. This is true with both PLA and ABS.

I too had been running prints very well until I updated Cura and flashed the printer EEPROM. I saw your suggestion of going back to the old version of Cura, but couldn’t it equally well be an issue with the printer firmware?

I’ve spent a LOT of hours on this in the past week and I’m getting close to sending the thing back to you. I suspect there are bigger problems here than you guys are admitting.

Sorry to hear about your frustration! I have been running with Cura LE since before it’s official launch and can assure you that it is very capable of producing excellent quality prints, it can take a little getting used to (changes in layout which is why we like to make sure to offer people the option to use the Legacy version, but I wanted to make sure I let you know that at least in my opinion the software was definitely a big upgrade from Legacy Cura.

In regards to this being a firmware issue, whenever you change the software version you are using you will need to change the firmware to the accompanying version so if you go back to the Legacy version of Cura you would also need to go back to the matching Legacy firmware. If you have been using a mismatched version of firmware and Cura it could explain why you are having so many difficulties using the software. I would recommend making sure you have the correct firmware version by either flashing your firmware or opening the console and entering the command M115 in the bottom text entry box.

Could you post your Cura log and some photos of your failed prints? I want to check and see if I can spot what is causing your issues. I have included the various pathways for finding your Cura log based on OS:



/Users//Library/Application Support/cura-lulzbot/3.2/cura-lulzbot.log

Can you check out my post topic that I did a couple hours ago about my entire hot end encasing itself entirely in extruded ABS overnight? I have no idea why other than I put on a roll of ABS from Gizmo Geeks. My head and the area around including wires has been encased in ABS plastic! What in the world and WHY in the world would that happen … I have images but there is no way to upload them here.

Hey fxmodels,
Sorry I am just now seeing this but I actually did email you this morning in response to the support email you sent in.