Taz 6 just stopped working???

I’ve had this printer for about 2 weeks. This weekend I was able to run a number of prints and making adjustments to the printing settings in Cura when I went to start another print (probably my 10th or so) the printer made some erratic movements and in Cura it repeatedly displayed a notice that “cold extrusion prevented” or words to that effect. Since then, I have been unable to get Cura to connect to the printer and produce a print. It tries connecting for a longer than normal period then it says “closed”. Interestingly, the LCD flashes as if it is connecting (as it has done with every previous print) but then fails to connect. I’ve changed no settings in anything other than Cura.

I’ve powered off, unplugged, restarted pc, reinstalled Cura, reinstalled firmware, etc.

You’re going to want to call support on that one. It might be just a fuse, but either way you’re under warranty.

I sent them a message… I guess we’ll just wait and see. But everything is powered on that I can see.

Still unable to get my prints clean too but I suppose I need to get the printer back online first.