Taz6 Starts Printing By Itself!

I am having a serious problem with my LulzBot Taz6. A few minutes after I turn the printer on, it starts heating up and printing by itself. It heats up to 140 moves around then heats up to 210. Then it moves to the center and starts printing but it’s movements are very disconnected and the filament does not come out correctly. When I try to print from SD, it does not print correctly. It auto levels properly and heats up but just before it moves to the center to start printing it cools back down to 140 then to 0. The only way for me to stop the print is to completely turn off the printer. Any help would be great. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

We need more information, what firmware is your printer on. is your printer connected to any devices? What was your last successful print? What are you using for a slicer? Have you reached out to support@lulzbot.com ?