Lulzbot taz pro restarting when attempting print and/or z axis malfunction

My Printer (lulzbot taz Pro dule extruder) is either restarting or now does this thing where once I hit print or something the whole rail is shaking and doing something, making a cracking sound/ slamming into its self, and eventually restarting. I can’t find anything about what to do or anything.

Someone, please help lulzbot support either not responding/ answering to emails or calls

As long as you have submitted a ticket support will get back to you, it may take a little bit longer as they catch up from the holiday build up.

I have had similar problems with my Taz Pro after a failure… the print head tries to go ‘home’ but thinks it is further away so it keeps slamming itself into the top left corner… Mostly this happens if the printer loses power mid-print or if their is an error and it power cycles.

I have found that if I power it on and use the touch screen to put the print head about ‘middle’ of the print space, and THEN tell it to Auto Home, it stops slamming itself into the stops and goes home properly.

Thanks that did help with the slamming issue but it still restarts when I try to print or clean my hot end.

Check if your temperature readings on the LCD read zero when you power the printer on. Both nozzle temperatures should show around 20 degrees C at room temperature. If one of the thermistors is not reading properly, it can cause this restart issue.

Not what you want to hear but try re-flashing the firmware. I had that for a bit and it appeared to be a corrupt firmware. Be sure to cell phone photo all your important settings first. Also, check erase EEPROM. Be sure to re-tune your PIDs for both the extruders and the bed. I found my defaults to be off considerably.