TAZ6 Y Axis Backlash/Positioning Issues

Recently my prints are no longer printing nice clean walls in the Y axis. I have attached some pix showing the walls of a simple box where the 2 walls perpendicular to the Y axis rails are jagged, and the opposing walls in the X position are smooth.

Are there components that wear out that would cause this? Or something that needs to be adjusted?

I am considering changing out the hardware to a true linear rail versus the plastic bushings.

The most obvious thing to check would be the belt tension on the Y axis, followed by checking the screws that hold the print bed to the bushings and parts beneath it. Of course you should also check the idler bearing that the belt goes round as well as the motor shaft to see if they’re loose. Another possibility is that the motor itself may have failed, or the pulley is loose on the shaft – you may have to remove the belt to check this.

Thanks for your suggestions. After tightening up the belt and all the socket head screws, the problem still existed.

But the idea of something being loose was correct!. The bolts that hold the hotend to the extruder base was loose. Every time the machine moved in Y, the printer head was moving back forth.