Taz6 Z axis coupler replacement

The RH Z axis coupler on my Taz 6 is binding. I have ordered new ones but I can not get the original set screws out. Any suggestions on how to remove with out drilling?

Heat them up some to help free the thread locker.

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I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I have a soldering station with a hot air gun so I’ll give it a try.

I too had that problem of one of the couplers binding on the Z-axis. I just replaced them too this past weekend (the part is on clearance on Lulzbot’s website, so hurry). It still binded after replacement until I adjusted the screws on top of the coupler. Run the Z-axis to the top and back to the bottom. Whichever side starts vibrating adjust 1 screw on the pair. Keep adjusting it until they go up & down smoothly with no vibration.

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Just replaced the couplers and installed the modular bed with magnetic flex but its not level.
< [12:36:45] Eqn coefficients: a: -0.00339099 b: -0.00058473 d: 0.07978086
< [12:36:45] Mean of sampled points: -0.47512502
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45] Bed Height Topography:
< [12:36:45] ±-- BACK --+
< [12:36:45] | |
< [12:36:45] L | (+) | R
< [12:36:45] E | | I
< [12:36:45] F | (-) N (+) | G
< [12:36:45] T | | H
< [12:36:45] | (-) | T
< [12:36:45] | |
< [12:36:45] O-- FRONT --+
< [12:36:45] (0,0)
< [12:36:45] +0.43538 -0.60963
< [12:36:45] +0.57175 -0.39750
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45] Corrected Bed Height vs. Bed Topology:
< [12:36:45] +0.03788 +0.00000
< [12:36:45] +0.00001 +0.03788
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45]
< [12:36:45] Bed Level Correction Matrix:
< [12:36:45] +0.999994 +0.000000 -0.003391
< [12:36:45] -0.000002 +1.000000 -0.000585
< [12:36:45] +0.003391 +0.000585 +0.999994
< [12:36:45] X:-9.02 Y:289.00 Z:6.21 E:0.00 Count X:-905 Y:29045 Z:9846

left side appears to be 1 mm higher

So in order to fix the 1mm height difference I homed the printer and brought the print head to left front corner of the print bed. Using a 20mm block I jogged the print head down until it just touched the block. I then turned off the printer and moved the print head to the right side manually and place the block on the right side corner of the print bed. Visually seeing the difference I then rotated the right Z screw until it just touched. I moved the print head back to the right and rechecked the height there. I did this until they were even. I am now reading only 0.15 max difference between the back 2 bed washers when probes. The front two washers are only .01 difference.

Getting a true level o the X-axis seems really tricky on the TAZ 6. I assumed the space between the coupler and motor mount would be equal distant between the left and right z axis screw would be the same and made a 3D printed template I could stick in there and adjust the screws manually until both side’s coupler touched the top of the template. But then throw a level on the X-axis rod and it would show not level.

I have another set of templates (2) that somebody else made, that you put in the frame’s slot channel on each side of the print bed and bring the z axis down until the bottom X-axis rod touches the template and level it to the bottom rod. That seems to work pretty well.

What you did is also a good solution and your results prove it. Thanks for sharing. You could’ve also just leveled it to the bed. I like to slide a piece of paper under the nozzle, slide back and forth until you feel the resistance, then move the print head to the other side of the bed and do the same thing on that side.

I also just got the modular bed. It’s really thin and clearly sags in the middle under its own weight. Did you do anything about this?

I haven’t seen any sagging in the middle but I also got the neodymium magnetic flex bed with it so maybe that is helping flatten it. I have seen people stack washers in the middle to bring it back up but I don’t seem to have this issue yet.

See, that’s the new heat bed sitting on top of the new rubber pads. You can clearly see it bowing downward in the middle. The neodymium magnetic plate (or the wham bam flexible plate) would sit in top of that. I bought a 3/16th neoprene rubber sheet to place under this new heat bed. I know it’s a bit over kill but was less than $20 for it.

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Can I ask where you purchased the 3/16 neoprene sheet?

E-bay, seller name Zoro. Search neoprene rubber sheet. I cut off those rubber extensions on the new corner supports that came with the modular heat bed. Notched out the 4 corners on the sheet and notched out the section were the wires for the bed run and the slightly bulky heating element. Looks like a pretty perfect fit and 3/16 is the perfect thickness. Hard to see in this picture but here it is anyways. I installed the adhesive magnetic sheet on the heat bed and the wham bam spring steel last night.