Temp Issues

Hi, I’m fairly new to 3D printing. I’m using cura and the lulzbot mini with the correct profile setup for ninjaflex filament. My issue is that the printer is beginning the job before it’s up to the correct temperature. So let’s say I set it for 230 it begins the job at 200. This is a problem because the filament isn’t hot enough and it’s causing problems with the entire job. The only thing I could find through research is that I’m using the standard extruder and not the Flexi one. But once it’s up to the right temperature it prints just fine. I guess my question is:

Is there a way to force the printer to the correct temperature before it starts the job?

Honestly any advice at this point would be greatly appreciated.

Please post your gcode file of your last print that supposedly did this.

We need to check your M109 command. M109 should set your extruder temp and wait until it’s achieved.

You should check if your filament is compatible with the printer. In most of the cases, the filament that is used is not compatible with the printer. That’s it causes these type of issues. You need to cross check the data sheets of material & printer and match them if their specifications are compatible with each other.

Material selection should have nothing to do with his nozzle heating up to the proper temperature.

Possible issues can be:

  1. Bad heater/heater connection
  2. Bad connection in thermistor
  3. Bad Gcode
  4. Too much cooling with a modified cooling system.

That’s about all it can be.

You have mentioned proper temprature. What if the temperature is not properly managed & material changes its color at high temperature.

“My issue is that the printer is beginning the job before it’s up to the correct temperature.”

His issue isn’t the temperature is too high, he stated that his issue was that printer is starting to print before the nozzle is heater up completely. That is caused by one of the 4 things I listed above.

All metal hotends are compatible with pretty much any material that can be printed at 300C or cooler. If he has a filament that requires hotter than that, I’d like to know what it is.

First thing is we need to see the Gcode because if the right commands are being used, the printer should not start printing until the nozzle is up to full temperature.

It’s possible with a bad thermistor that he is getting noisy data and the temp signal jumps to 230 to start the print but then the signal drops back down. I’ve had that happen before.

Need to methodically step through the issue. First and easiest is check the Gcode.

Thank You very much. The information would be really helpful for me.