Temperature drop?

I just installed the SL tool head on my Mini 1 and when I went to print the sample model, the temperature was about 25 degrees lower than expected. I set up a new material (eSun PLA+) with a print temperature of 205, and its trying to print at 180. Is this a normal adjust made by Cura based on the tool head/layer height (.1mm) ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey clshaw1313!

With the extrusion diameter being 0.25mm instead of 0.5mm, those settings do usually use a lower print temp because the extrusion volume is lower, thus needing less heat to reach the same state.
PLA can have a melting point as low as 150 degrees C so 180 for a print temp is possible but I agree that it seems a little low. I would try it first with a small model to get an idea if it will work in your environment and if it needs a higher temp try going up by increments of 5 degrees.

Hope that helped, Have a awesome day :smiley:

Angie Suiter
Engineering Technician