Print Bed temp inconsistent

Trying to print a simple object with eSUN PLA and have the bed set to 50C (the recommended 45C doesn’t allow for objects to stick as well). About 5 minutes into the print the bed temp goes to 100C even thoug it’s clearly set to 50. Extruder temp seems to work well at 205C but is also fluxuates between 160 and 240 - again, even though it’s set to 205C.

The mini is brand new and although I’m a newbie it’s not my first rodeo with 3D printers (we also have a mini at work). Climate controlled room / no drafts. Maybe I have a bed unit? Any suggestions?

The default bed temperature for PLA is 60C.
Are you using the lulzbot profile from ?
My new mini runs at 60 during a PLA print.

So you have had a 3D printer in the past and know that there are 2 ways to set the temperature one is is the gcode generated when you slice a STL model and prepare for printing and the other way is manually set in the machine control screen. If both are set the same and your temperature is off you need to contact Tech support because it sounds like you might have a controller problem.