Temperature Runaway - Lulzbot still replacing Aerostruders?

Hi All,

I have one of the first iterations of the Aerostruder. I remember when they first came out, there was an issue where, after the initial layers were printed and the cooling fan kicked on, it caused such a drastic temperature drop that the printer would give a Thermal Error E1 Temperature Runaway. Mine hadn’t had that error, but I almost exclusively print with PLA. The last couple of days I’ve tried printing with Inova 1800 and I can’t get past that temperature drop.

Is Lulzbot still replacing these Aerostruders or am I out in the lurch?

To repeat, I am able to print with PLA with no problems. I only see this issue with higher temperature plastics.

Do you have a silicone sock on the heater block?

I just got some in the mail. I’m trying one now. will report back thanks.

alrighty, so far so good with the E3D silicone sock. No sudden temp drop when the fan kicked on after the initial layer.

Silicone sock from E3D.
Same solution I ended up using on mine.