Aerostruder Stops Extruding While Printing

I just installed the Aerostruder on my mini 1. It starts printing fine, but within a couple of layers it stops extruding and just goes through the motions. I just updated Cura and the firmware. Using cura settings, no custom. USB from my Mac. Using ProtoPasta High Temp PLA. When I abort the print and press extrude in cura it extrudes. Though it seems very soft, as if it is too warm maybe? But that does not seem like a reason not to extrude while printing.

I was excited because it all started out great. But then as it stopped and I started looking on here, I saw the notices about Lulzbot closing. UGH! I went with them for the support. I’d have skipped the new Aerostruder had I known.

Check that the heatsink fan on the front of the extruder is working. What is your extrusion temp?

I removed the aerostruder and am sending it back. Going to sell the mini.