Thank You Lulzbot! Another great customer service report.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the people at Lulzbot.
I bought my Kittaz just over a year ago, though, I didn’t get it up and running until mid summer. Well, at the beginning of the month, 1 day shy of the first anniversary of the purchase date, the fan in the power supply failed. I had read another thread that had mentioned that Lulzbot is now using a new vendor for their power supplies. I checked the website to see if it was available for purchase, but the new supply is not currently offered online. I decided to send an email to inquire if the new power supply was available for purchase, explaining that I was experiencing problems with the PS fan. They responded saying they were sorry to hear about my PS problem and unfortunately, the Kittaz has 30 day warranty. However, they said in this case, they would provide me with a replacement Power supply. Well, it arrived yesterday, and it looks to be a huge improvement over the previous version. I particularly like the power switch on the supply as the old version, the fan would continue to run after the switch on the controller was turned off.
Now, that’s great customer service!!

Thank you,

Scott A Ramos

Wow! Above and a beyond.

Support is the main reason I swapped from my makerbot replicator 2x to my taz 4 and it was the best choice I could have made. Ideally I would have loved to keep both machines but my pockets couldn’t handle that. Not only the support but the community that comes with it and all the mods they make and share.